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Israel is Feminist 馃挏

Hi Eurolovers! Today's post is about the polemical Israeli contestant...  Let see...  The Spanish public is convinced that the couple formed by Amaia and Alfred are the favorites to win the next Eurovision Song Contest. But they do not expect that in the Lisbon event there will be many and very good competitors.
Last Sunday, March 11, the public television of Israel made public the song that will represent the country. "Toy" played by Netta Barzilai. It is a fresh, modern and danceable theme that has a powerful feminist message in its lyrics. Toy has become a viral phenomenon thanks to his bold video clip, which is standing out strongly in the networks thanks to his eccentric dances and extreme dresses.
It is surprising because Barzilai had already drawn attention when winning the selection to see what song Israel represented this year for the roosters he emits throughout his performance. Of course, some roosters that are controlled and that hypnotize the viewer.  What do you …
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Hiii Eurolovers, today we are going to do a little summary about France.
The chosen one is...
Madame Monsieur Madame Monsieur is a French duo consisting of vocalist 脡milie Satt and producer Jean-Karl Lucas. They will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song "Mercy".

The song tells the true story of a child they met who made the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. It will reach your heart... 

Here you have the official video... ENJOY IT

ORIGINAL VERSION (FRENCH) Je suis n茅e ce matin Je m’appelle Mercy Au milieu de la mer
Entre deux pays, Mercy C’茅tait un long chemin et Maman l’a pris
Elle m’avait dans la peau, huit mois et demi
Oh oui, huit mois et demi On a quitt茅 la maison, c’茅tait la guerre
S没r qu’elle avait raison, y’avait rien 脿 perdre
Oh non, except茅 la vie Je suis n茅e ce matin
Je m’appelle Mercy
On m’a tendu la main
Et je suis en vie
Je suis tous ces enfants
Que la mer a pris
Je vivrai cent mille ans
Je m’appelle Mercy Et l脿 devant nos yeu…

The boy with the weird eyes - UKRAINE

Hello Eurovisioners
Since we made the blog we recived a lot of views from Ukraine, which is considered one of the best and favorite participants on Eurovision. So this post is for you Ukraine!

Let's look back in time, and let's go to 2016, when Ukraine won the contest breaking the RULES. Yes, Jamala, (the winner) sang 1944, which had a very political theme and ofended its neighbors, Russia.

Can someone give me a scissors to cut the tension please?
If you want to know more about the song, we will leave you here the link, we truly recomend you to check it.

But let's come back to these days, this year Melovin will represent Ukranie in Eurovision with "Under the Ladder". Is not the first time that he tries to go to the contest, though he won the Ukranian X Factor on 2015.  We are so scared for Melovin this year, because we all know that walking under the ladder brings bad luck, but we hope that luck isn't against him this time!
Melovin was born on Odesa, and he i…

TOP 10 curiosities 馃 you didn't know...

1. The real origin The idea of ​​organizing a song contest first arose at the meeting of the European Union Broadcasting Union (EBU) committee held in Monaco in January 1955, with the aim of improving telecommunications networks as well as creating links between member countries in a Europe that was beginning to recover from the ravages of World War II. It used to be called "The Eurovision Grand Prix" (Le Grand Prix de Eurovision).
2. And the origin... The first Eurovision festival was held on May 24, 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland. Only fourteen countries participated, so each one sang twice to make the gala a little longer.
3. Sing in English and you will win, really? The statistics speak for themselves: 60 of the songs that Eurovision has won, 30 have been sung in English.
4. The "Big Five" One of the biggest controversies of the festival lies in the fact that some countries are automatically qualified for the final. These countries are Spain, Italy, France, Germany and th…

Turn to... ALBANIA

SINGER         ➡️  Eugent Buschpera 
SONG            ➡️  Mall

LANGUAGE   ➡️ Albanian
COUNTRY     ➡️  Albania

Albania has chosen the winner song of its 'Festival i i K毛ng毛s' (Anhelo). Although they can't sing the original version, they needed to adapt it to the allowed time of the song contest.

Eugent Bushpepa was born on July 2, 1984 in the town of Rr毛shen, in northern Albania.
Since he was a child, he dedicated most of his life to music, he appeared on some programs like Top Chanel where he did some performances, sang on pubs in the city and was a member of the chorus, but saddly he finished this career because he wanted to be a Dentistry. 
The great leap to fame
In 2007 he competed in the Top Fest program and was awarded as the best male artist. Repeated in the contest 6 more times.
Has been: Group supporter Deep Purple, Loaded and OverkillVocalist of the band DarklogyParticipated in the Summer Fest of PristinaIn 2017 he participated in the contest 'Festival and Ken…

TOP 10 January 馃敐

Hi Eurovisonlovers !!!❤️

In this new blog post, we will comment on the 'TOP 10: Most watched in January 2018' video.
The official Eurovision YouTube channel makes a summary of the most viewed songs every month. Here your are the video...

From the top 10 to the top 1 the position is ... 馃

TOP 10

On number 10 he have Ukraine! We loved that show, not because the music obviously… but because the clothes and the show that they gave to us! We will never forget “Lasha Dancing Tumbai” and all the laughs that we had.
On the top number 9 we have ESPA脩A! Our loved country, Alfred and Amaia will sing “Tu canci贸n” this year on Portugal, we have very good perspectives for these two, what do you think about the song? We personally love it!

Number 8! You obviously know who is number 8, we will give you some clues, she has beard and a beautiful gold dress, get it? She is Conchita Wrust, with her “Rise like a Phoenix” how we could forget her? The winner of Eurovision 2014, a legend.
Who …

Social Media 馃枼馃摫

Hi Eurovisionlovers!!!!
Today's post is very short, we are going to give you information about where you can find the official Eurovision website in the different social media. 

Here you are the official links:

馃帳 Youtube 馃帳 Instagram 馃帳 Facebook 馃帳 Twitter 

Follow them!!! You will be informed about the latest news...

Comment where are you from!!!! ✔︎